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2006/09/04 The Office | Cartoon Icons 
2006/06/26 Fight Club icons (2)

| The Office | Cartoon Icons  [감상/영화/외...]

Diversity DayHalloweenDrug Testing
The InjuryThe InjurySexual Harassment

tacos_rebellion (via OfficeTally)
2006/09/04 05:20 2006/09/04 05:20

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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/09/04 05:20
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| Fight Club icons  [마우스 포테이토]


"But the worst offender? Brad Pitt. Specifically from the movie Fight Club. Look at these abs: that is beyond washboard. You could grate reggiano parmesan on that stomach. I have thrown out five copies of that DVD, but every Friday night somehow it's back in my player. Congress, if you wanna preserve marriage, you will ban that movie and make Brad put on some weight. I'm not gay, but come on, I'm human." (via The Colbert Report - ThreatDown: The Homo-Sexy Edition)
2006/06/26 23:01 2006/06/26 23:01

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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/06/26 23:01
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