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2008/10/04 Chaotic Good Elf Bard Mage (7)
2006/07/18 Stephen Colbert, 23rd level magic user... (3)

| Chaotic Good Elf Bard Mage  [감상/게임]

I Am A: Chaotic Good Elf Bard Mage

Chaotic Good characters are independent types with a strong belief in the value of goodness. They have little use for governments and other forces of order, and will generally do their own things, without heed to such groups.

Elves are the eldest of all races, although they are generally a bit smaller than humans. They are generally well-cultured, artistic, easy-going, and because of their long lives, unconcerned with day-to-day activities that other races frequently concern themselves with. Elves are, effectively, immortal, although they can be killed. After a thousand years or so, they simply pass on to the next plane of existance.

Primary Class:
Bards are the entertainers. They sing, dance, and play instruments to make other people happy, and, frequently, make money. They also tend to dabble in magic a bit.

Secondary Class:
Mages harness the magical energies for their own use. Spells, spell books, and long hours in the library are their loves. While often not physically strong, their mental talents can make up for this.

Hanali Cenanil is the Chaotic Good elven goddess of love, beauty, and art. She is also known as the Heart of Gold and Lady Goldheart. Her followers delight in creation and youth, and work to spread happiness, love, and beauty. Their preferred weapon is the dagger.

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2008/10/04 22:00 2008/10/04 22:00

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Posted by lunamoth on 2008/10/04 22:00
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| Stephen Colbert, 23rd level magic user...  [길 위의 이야기]

YouTube - Stephen Colbert on conan (05:30~)
Colbert: ... I had a 23rd level magic user.
Conan: What's a 23rd level...
Colbert: Just somebody you don't want to mess with.

Stephen Colbert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Colbert was an avid fantasy RPG player as an adolescent, a pastime to which he partly attributes his interest in acting. He was known to be an enthusiast of Lord of the Rings and the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons, a fascination that began in high school.[21][22]

이런 걸 볼 때마다 묘한 기분에 사로잡히게 된다, D&D 를 했던 아버지가 들려주는 얘기란 과연 어떤 것일까? 때론 DM 이 됐다가 때론 PC 로 함께 즐길 수 있을까? WoW 를 함께 즐기는 모자부터 PC 게임 공략을 하는 고등학교 선생님까지, 보면 볼수록 신기하게 느껴진다. 생각해보면 "아빠 돈 내세요" 시대와의 간극 때문인 것 같기도 하고...

그건 그렇고 나는 몇까지 가봤더라... 레벨9 클레릭까지 였던가. 어렴풋한 기억조차 나질 않는다. 여전히 엘프로 남아있는 이가 있는가 하면, 자신도 모르는 새 듀라한이 되는 이가 있나 보다.

2006-07-22 오후 8:04
YouTube 폭파? 대비 백업 1, 2
2006/07/18 23:59 2006/07/18 23:59

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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/07/18 23:59
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