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2006/04/17 Steve Carell's Golden Globe Speech (7)
2006/03/15 The Office | Michael Scott 

| Steve Carell's Golden Globe Speech  [감상/영화/외...]

"Wow, I, uh, I really did not expect this so I didn't write anything. However, my wife did and handed me something. Um, I'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for this great honor. I would also like to thank my wife, Nancy, for her constant support and for being so beautiful tonight. That's true. Thanks also to Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant for creating such a wonderful, ground breaking piece of television and to Greg Daniels for his talent, courage, and sheer audacity. This is good, thank you. Uh, also to my wife, for giving me two wonderful children as painful as her labor might have been. Thanks also to an excellent cast, crew, and writing staff all of whom I am indebted to. If were not for you, I would not be here right now. I don't know about that. Steve Sower, Michelle Bowen, Matt Labog, Holly Berell...Nancy, my precious wife, who put her career on hold in support of mine and who sometimes wishes that I would let her know when I am going to be home late so she can schedule her life which is no less important than mine. To my parents for not making me go to law school. And finally to the love of my life, my wife Nancy. Thank you very much. This is a very great honor."

- Steve Carell, accepting the award for Best Actor in a television comedy, January 16, 2006
2006/04/17 23:59 2006/04/17 23:59

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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/04/17 23:59
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| The Office | Michael Scott  [감상/영화/외...]

디 오피스는 마이클 스캇의 좌충우돌 고난의 회사 생활을 풀어가는 시트콤입니다. 그의 말처럼 "친구로서가 첫째이고, 상관으로서는 두번째, 아마도 연예인으로서가 세번째"인, "'챈들러'이자 '조이'"인 캐릭터입니다. 늘 부주의한 농담과 끊임없는 장난으로 모두를 괴롭게 하지만 그래도 정이가는 인물임에는 분명합니다. 뭐랄까. 박영규와 이경규의 어느 언저리를 지난다고 해야될까요? 순풍과 똑살에서의 그 얄밉지만 결코 남얘기 같지 않은 행동, 대단한 도전에서의 슬랩스틱을 연상해 보세요. 누가 미워할 수 있겠습니까? "40살"이 넘어 발견한 스티브 카렐를 주목할 수 밖에 없는 이유도 엿볼 수 있습니다.

The Office | Pam Beesley & Jim Halpert
2006/03/15 22:12 2006/03/15 22:12

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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/03/15 22:12
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