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2007/08/26 The Company 

| The Company  [감상/영화/외...]

Harvey: So did you get it done, sport?
Jack: He was already dead. I wanted to. I wanted to kill him. But... I just couldn't.
Harvey: Oh, you're a better man than me, sport. So the great game goes on with or without us.
Jack: Without us, I guess. Think we made a difference, Harvey, any difference at all?
Harvey: God, I hope so, sport. No, nowadays people have short memories. They forget there was a time when the goths were at the gate. You and me, kid -- we put our warm bodies on the firing line, and we turned 'em back.
Jack: You truly believe that?
Harvey: You bet I believe it. Something like the cold war has to have a moral, otherwise what was it all about?
Jack: It was about the good guys beating the bad guys... But we sure screwed up along the way.
Harvey: Yeah, but we screwed up a lot less than they did, which is why we won. Yeah, the -- the soviet union wasn't a country. It was a -- it was a metaphor for an idea that looked good on the drawing board, but in practice, it was flawed. And let me tell you somethin'. A metaphor is a lot harder to slay than a country, and we clobbered them in the end.
Jack: Yeah.
Harvey: You got to remember what it was all about. It was always black and white, kid -- right versus wrong. There were good guys, and there were bad guys.
Jack: Which side were we again, Harvey?
Harvey: We won, didn't we?

2007/08/26 18:44 2007/08/26 18:44

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Posted by lunamoth on 2007/08/26 18:44
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