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2015/08/19 Spy Game - "The Roof" sequence 
2006/06/26 Fight Club icons (2)

| Spy Game - "The Roof" sequence  [감상/영화/외...]

Tom Bishop: Nathan, what happened? What went wrong?
Nathan D. Muir: Nothing.
Tom Bishop: Nothing?
Nathan D. Muir: Actually, one thing. Don't ever question me again. Ever.
Tom Bishop: What?
Nathan D. Muir: I gave you an order, you take it. You don't ask why. Those ten seconds on the phone could have blown the op.
Tom Bishop: The op was bringing Schmidt across!
Nathan D. Muir: The op was setting up Ann Cathcart. And your end had to look legit.
Tom Bishop: What are you telling me? Schmidt was bait?
Nathan D. Muir: Yes.
Tom Bishop: Nathan, they executed him on a shitty cellar floor!
Nathan D. Muir: It could have been you. Let me tell you something about Schmidt. He went to the Russians a week ago, and said he had a contact, an American. Somebody he could use.
Tom Bishop: Don't tell me that. Don't fucking tell me that. You didn't look in his eyes. Don't tell me that!
Nathan D. Muir: He was your asset, somebody you use for information.
Tom Bishop: Ah, Jesus Christ, you just... You don't just trade these people like they're baseball cards! It's not a fucking game!
Nathan D. Muir: Oh, yes it is. It's exactly what it is. And it's no kid's game either. This is a whole other game. And it's serious and it's dangerous. And it's not one you want to lose.
Tom Bishop: Nathan, we killed this man. We used him and we killed him. Okay, then you got to help me understand this one. You got... Nathan, what are we doing here? And don't give me some bullshit about the greater good.
Nathan D. Muir: That's exactly what it's about. Because what we do is unfortunately very, very necessary. And if you're not willing to sacrifice scum like Schmidt for those that want nothing more than their freedom, then you better take a long hard look at your chosen profession my friend. Because it doesn't get any easier.
Tom Bishop: Why did you use me?
Nathan D. Muir: You wanna walk? You wanna walk, walk.
Tom Bishop: You should have told me about the op. You used me.
Nathan D. Muir: I did. And listen to this, because this is important. If you had pulled some stunt over there, I wouldn't come after you. You go off the reservation, I will not come after you.
Tom Bishop: Fuck your rules, Nathan.
Nathan D. Muir: Okay. But tonight, they saved your life.

2015/08/19 22:17 2015/08/19 22:17

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| Fight Club icons  [마우스 포테이토]


"But the worst offender? Brad Pitt. Specifically from the movie Fight Club. Look at these abs: that is beyond washboard. You could grate reggiano parmesan on that stomach. I have thrown out five copies of that DVD, but every Friday night somehow it's back in my player. Congress, if you wanna preserve marriage, you will ban that movie and make Brad put on some weight. I'm not gay, but come on, I'm human." (via The Colbert Report - ThreatDown: The Homo-Sexy Edition)
2006/06/26 23:01 2006/06/26 23:01

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