87. Internet Lingo
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Internet Lingo
On Boards

Far from complete, but here are a few common ones which allow you to
type less and say you don't have to ask no more :-)

On Boards: - Top 

On message boards that only show a header
(in)--Inside--Inside there is a message for you
(nt)--No Text--No message text inside for you to read
*****--PuSSy (general overhyped name of (retired) deleter)
FFALP--Free For All Links Page

Moods: ( without Smiley's)

haha--You like it and laugh about it
hehe--You watched Beavis and Butthead too much
MUAhahahaha--You've been watching horror movies again...:)
LOL--Laughing Out Loud
LMAO--Laughing My Ass Off
ROFLMAO--Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
L33t--Elite (when you brag you have all, but share badly)
G--Geez--Jesus--son of God
AH--AssHole (don't use it instead of aha (I see))
BS--Bull Shit, nonsense, not true (secretion produced by male cow)
MF--MotherFucker (reversed incest)
FY--Fuck You
WTF--What The Fuck
J/K--Just Kiddin
crap--no good its rubbish
doh!--Damn I should have known better
bummer--sad to hear that, wish it hadn't happened

Messages: - Top 

BTW--By The Way
FYI--For Your Information
IMO--In My Opinion
IMHO--In My Humble Opinion
IC--I see (I understand what you say)
TIA--Thanks In Advance
RTFM--Read The Fucking Manual
k--Ok its fine or I read it, understand it and will do
yep--yes I agree

Status: - Top 

@nick--This person is an 'op' and very L33t
+nick--Also a dork but 'op' likes him
afk--Away from keyboard
amf--Adios MotherFucker (goodbye)
bbl--Be back later
brb--Be right back
cya--Bye I will see (talk to) you later
c u--See You
nic--Nature is calling (need to pee)
ttfn-Ta Ta For Now
ttyl-Talk To You Later
N/A--Not Available
DND--Do Not Disturb

General: - Top 

@----at, used in email address
0----zero ,null, as in 0-day (fresh)
2----also, as in me 2
4----for, as in 4U (for you)
4U---For You
69---ask your parents or partner
asc--ASCII, American Standard Code for Information Interchange
bin--Binary ,a file containing the image of a cd
cue--a file containing info how the bin file should be burned
cd---Compact Disk
cdr--Compact Disk Recordable (sometimes the hardware)
cdrw-Compact Disk ReWritable (sometimes the hardware)
crk--a crack file to register software
dir--Directory (folder)
hd---Hard Disk
http-HyperText Tranfer Protocol
HQ---Head Quarter
faq--Frequently Asked Question
ftf--Free Trade FXP
ftp--File Transfer Protocol
fxp--File eXchange Protocol
icq--I Seek You (Contact program by Mirablis)
ie---Internet Explorer
ip---Internet Protocol (the number you are known by)
irc--Internet Relay Chat (where the L33t waste their time)
iso--International Standard Organisation (Image of a CD-ISO 9660)
isp--Internet Service Provider
l/p--Login name and Password
nfo--Information (file)
pgp--Pretty Good Privacy
pub--Public, anonymous FTP server
rip--Cracked and ripped version of software
RIP--Rest In Peace
T50--Top 50 (commercial crap, don't click)
www--World Wide Web
uin--Universal Identification Number (also: icq number)
url--Universal Resource Locator
xxx--Porn related contents

Personnel: - Top 

admin--Administrator (nag him for member access)
bot--from robot (placeholder in irc)
mod--Moderator (he can close or delete your thread)
op---Operator (the guy with the power in irc)
sysop--System Operator (The boss/owner/admin of an FTP)

FXP-Groups: (in our little warez world)

BiZ--a man or a group we'll never know
ESD--Episode 2000
HOW--House of Warez
FTF--Free Trade FXP
FWA--Free Warez Alliance
GWA--Global Warez Alliance
PNW--Peace 'n Warez
TDD--The Devils Distribution
TOW--Tower of Warez
WAD--Warez Anonymous Distro's
WW---Wheelchair Warez
iFXP--ile FXP group

For release groups and couriers read their .nfo

Extensions: - Top 

.com--U.S.sites (domains) mostly

and there are ofcourse the country codes
like .nl .uk .de .au etc. well you can figure them out by yourself
Left file extensions out, it would take 2 entire pages

Forgotten anything?

Yep, SL--ShitLoads, HF--Have Fun, KMF--Keep 'm Free

amf cu l8r GM--GigaMelt

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