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Pubbing and netiquette guidelines

This is a basic tutorial to help inform newbies of the basically accepted rules, practices,
and some suggestions for use on the fxp scene, you will not learn how to scan or fill or the
secrets of the universe but it serves a purpose. Your board may differ slightly in the
strictness and employment of these rules (please read the rules and faq on the fxp board(s)
you are on), however, the basic rules as stated are the norm, anything that is merely my
opinion or a suggestion will be noted as such. Anyone and everyone is free to share this
with others and/or post it on your own board.



Well this all boils down to pub stealing as far as pub rules. Many times I have heard the

What is pub stealing?
What's wrong with pub stealing?
What is the big deal I'm just trying to help people out?

Well I'll answer these questions. The answer to what is pub stealing is very simple. If you
post the information to a pub ANYWHERE including: other boards, an http site, in an irc channel,
on the inside of a bathroom stall (you get the idea) then you are pub stealing. Now the why it
is a problem seems to be the big thing that eludes people's understanding and understanding is
the key to getting people on board to doing things a certain way so I will be longwinded here.

Now most people new and uneducated to the scene think this entire idea of pub stealing is simply
a matter of “ownership”. They will argue that the filler does not own the pub therefore they can
post it wherever they like. Now not only is this way of thinking narrow minded it is just plain
bullshit. I see these same people that will say there is no ownership to a pub so it’s ok posting
other peoples private ftps as well, how does your lame argument work there? To go further I have
even heard some people say a pub builder cannot even delete his own work. To this I say ????? What
is your reasoning there if a pub builder can’t delete his own work then how can the pub be recycled?
Nuff said there. The simple fact that although “ownership” is a very small part of the pub stealing
argument a builder does still have that right. If somebody took their time to build a pub they most
certainly do have a little “ownership” of that pub. Again you ask the same narrow-minded question.
Why, they don’t own the server? Because for the rest of the reasons behind pub stealing (which will
shortly follow) the scene has determined that’s the way it is.

To move on to the next point. Who builds pubs? People that came into the scene learned the rules,
followed them, and recognized that you have to learn to give back to the scene if you really want
to benefit from the scene build pubs. People will argue that they are just trying to help others by
posting stolen pubs and it’s for the improvement of the scene that they do it because everyone
should have everything. WRONG!!! Firstly you are only helping others with the least possible effort
you can make because you are either to lazy or to ignorant as to how to build pubs. Secondly, and
this is one of the biggest reasons for the pub stealing rules, as a general rule people will do as
little as possible to get what they want. If everyone can steal pubs then who will build them? The
answer simply is nobody. Why on earth would anyone new to the scene feel they needed to learn how to
scan, or fill, etc when from day one they have been able to get what they want, when they want, without
being asked for anything at all in return. Again simply people wouldn’t. I know you don’t believe me.
Well if you have been around long enough all you have to do is look at the http warez scene for an
example. At one time people could go to a warez site click a link and get whatever they wanted. It
was great, I know, that’s how I got started in the warez scene. But what happened? The scene got too
big, there were too many lechers and nobody gave back. Most of those who “thought” they were giving
back by starting their own site weren’t because all they were doing was stealing links from the
original big sites. That scene is all but dead now for the very same reasons I am talking about
here. Part of the reason for the demise of the http scene was also bandwidth usage on free file
hosts, which moves me on to my next point.

The single biggest reason behind the pub stealing rule is bandwidth and overuse of a server. The
only reason we can do what we do on the fxp scene is because of system admins that either don’t
know how to properly set user permissions or system admins that look the other way. Overuse of a
pub is the fastest way to wake up these system admins and have it shut down permanently. The
entire fxp scene works on networking and redistributing warez, for example:

I build a pub for a specific board and let’s say 50-100 people download what I put on that pub. In
turn we’ll say 10% of those people build their own pub redistributing the same content, which means
5-10 more pubs with the same content posted. As I mentioned networking is important as well and it
comes in here most people especially builders frequent several boards, so those 5-10 pubs are posted
on other boards to continue the cycle. Now let’s try the same example with the pub stealer mentality
of posting it all over the place so everyone can have it.

I build a pub and I post it on 25 boards and 5 http ftp listing pages. What’s going to happen?
Nothing will happen. The pub will get swamped by users (some of which will be deleters) and nobody
with exception to a quick few will get anything and they won’t build pubs because the leechers are
always the first ones to get into a new pub. As a further result the system admin will quickly shut
down the pub and turn off anonymous logins so the pub is dead forever. This example may be a little
extreme but I’m sure you get the idea.

Further to this, in the first example many times the first pub can later be reused at a later date.
With the second example the pub is most of the time done for good.

In closing on this subject I will say this. If you are posting stolen pubs you are helping nobody in
the long run. You are being either too lazy to build your own pubs or too lazy to learn how. You are
killing the number of available pubs (which contrary to popular belief is not endless) and you are
increasing the ratio of builders to leeches. At some point if this continues there will be so few
builders they will just give up for lack of being able to build a pub without it being killed within
literally a few hours. Already a large percentage of the good boards have gone private to defend
themselves, at the rate things are going public boards will be a thing of the past and nobody but
those people who have access to those boards will get anything. Think about what you are doing and
if you still go ahead and do it remember someone is always watching and sooner or later it will
catch up with you.



Very simple if a pub is tagged do not use it, granted many pubs are tagged and never used. With this
in mind the generally accepted rule seems to be if tagged but not used within 2 weeks of the tag date
it is acceptable to use the pub (please check for the general rule on your board(s))


Again very simple but know what you are doing, you must check if the pub is being used, if so move on.
You cannot upload your own stuff to another path, that is still pub stealing.


Do not add your own upload to someone else's pub unless they ask, again this is pub stealing, go find
you own pub.


Only you or someone designated by you can post the pub, anywhere. If you find a pub on a board, while
scanning, already stolen and posted somewhere else, etc and you post it (posting includes anywhere on
a board, http site, irc channel, etc) anywhere you are pub stealing.



When tagging your pub use a recognizable tag it should include the board name or if you are not tagging
for a specific board the your own name.


As stated above, know what you are doing. Do not connect to a pub with cute ftp take a quick look around
and assume the pub is not being used. It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the pub. Use an ftp
client such as smart ftp that will view hidden directories. If you come across a path that is locked and
you cannot access then assume the pub is being used and move on.


Do not make your pubs to big. Why? Several reasons, the bigger it is the more pissed you will be when it
gets deleted or the system operator shuts it down. The bigger the pub the more traffic it will get and
again the more likely the system operator will shut it down. Suggested maximum size for pubs 2-3 gigs.
Do not overfill pubs. What do I mean overfill, if it’s full it’s full? No if it is full then you have
overfilled the pub. This is a computer hard drive you are filling if it is completely full it will take
the system operator about two minutes to see what’s going on and shut it down. Always try and leave at
least a few hundred megs minimum on a pub.


When posting your pub you should credit the scanner (a rule on most sites) unless you scanned it
yourself. It can be a painful process at times but your post should also include a complete list of what
is on the pub (this of course helps those downloading and helps any pub stealing allegations). Please
don’t post like this:

Here ya go

I certainly won’t even bother to look at a pub posted like this, I have better things to do with my time
than log onto ftps just to see that I don’t want/need anything there.


The purpose of this article is not to give you a tutorial so I won’t but make sure you protect your pub
with a decent path. Your path should include the name of the scanner, filler, and which board it was
filled for. Without those things in the path resolving pub stealing allegations becomes difficult.

File and Path Locking

This is just my own opinion but I happen to think it’s a good one. Do not employ the use of file and path
locking unless you know how to reverse them. An old pub with locked paths and files is no good to anyone
unless they can reverse them i.e.: can’t be recycled. Most good boards at least occasionally have trap
servers posted in their public anonymous section to catch deleters so if it’s a continual problem find a
different board.

Hammering and Multiple Connections

Again this is my opinion but it makes common sense. As far as pubs are concerned treat them just as you
would treat a private ftp. I have caught a few people hammering a trap server and when asked why they
replied they just thought it was a pub, so? System operators are going to notice them hammering to and
of course shut down the pub. Download with one connection, why? Because many pubs have a limited number
of connections. What gives you the right to download with ten connections meanwhile nobody else can
login to the pub. Personally I don’t care if you want it NOW, those other 9 connections should be being
used by 9 other people who want it to.



Very simple only even more strictly adhered to that pub stealing. Do not repost or give out other
people’s ftp information. This is their computer. Why, anybody that needs to ask that question hasn’t
run his or her own ftp. How would you like it if your computer was getting literally ten of thousands of
hits a day with people hammering.


Unless otherwise posted you should not be posting your ftp with a ration on fxp boards. These boards
are a place where people try to share openly and without ratio restrictions.


Do not hammer, let me say that again, Do not hammer. If you can’t connect retrying every two seconds
won’t help you and will just piss off the owner of the ftp. They of course have it logged (right
guys) and forward it to a board staff member, which in turn will probably be talking to you.Set your
preferences in you ftp client to retry every couple of minutes.

Multiple connections

Unless otherwise given specific permission from the ftp owner do not connect more than once (most
people running an ftp will have their server set this way anyway).



This is almost too obvious to even bother mentioning but please people setup your ftp permissions
correctly. If it’s your ftp and someone deletes something you can only blame yourself for not setting
up the access permissions correctly.

Individual Accounts

To help you better manage your ftp and know who is doing what you should setup individual accounts for
your ftp rather than a generic login. This also protects you from having your ftp reposted somewhere
else not intended by you.


Please, please, please turn you logging on. So many times I have heard someone tried to delete from my
ftp or someone was hammering my ftp. Unless you have logging turn on and can supply a board staff
member a copy of the relevant log we cannot help you.


Remember people these ftps belong to people we know on the board. Do not abuse them. Do not assume
just because they are there that you need to be connected to them 24 hours a day. As an ftp owner
myself I can tell you other than multiple connections and hammering there is nothing an ftp owner
hates more than having one person using up all their bandwidth for days on end. This is somebody else’s
ftp not your personal download center.



Do not flame people, treat others as you would like to be treated. This is someone else’s irc room
and you are only there as long as the ops allow you to be.


Do not come into a room and start make requests for games, apps, etc. Use the board for that. I know,
I know you see other people doing it why not you. The other people doing it are well known in the room
and even still request rarely. As a newbie in an irc channel you should never ever request.

Voicing, halfops, ops

Don’t bug people for ops, halfops, or a voice. These are given to those that have earned them not to
those who asked for them.

Advertising and/or Recruiting

Do not advertise and/or recruit in other people’s channels, this is a sure way to get the wrong type of
people very upset with you.

Private Pms

The main one used here in some channels is: Never pm an op unless they say it’s ok first. Please check
your channel(s) for their rule. Of course in addition to this rule the other rules for irc of course
apply as well.


The language you can use in a channel is very channel specific. Please be aware of the rule in the channel
(s) you are in. My personal opinion is sure every once in awhile you may slip up but there is no reason for
you to not be able to express yourself with language, which may be offense to some.


Do not scroll. If you are unaware of what scrolling is you won’t be for long because you will see someone
get bitched at for it.

Active Links

Depends on the channel. Some channels frown on active links. Check your channel for local rules. Never
post Ips (thanx IbeWILL, I missed that one)

Serial Numbers

Never ever post serial numbers in irc. Very quick way to get yourself and others in trouble.



Irc channels are a place to hang out chat, get to know other people on the board, and help with questions
in real time. They are not a requesting forum, they are not your personal bitching forum. Be nice and treat
others as you would like to be treated. If you want to learn about the scene, get to know the people on the
board, or become recognized yourself on the board then get into irc; it’s the best place to be.


Site Specifics

Actual rules board to board will differ somewhat. Please check the rules and/or faq on the board(s) you are
on. This doesn’t mean a board can decide to rewrite all of the previously mentioned rules here. Many people
have been doing this for years and they are not going to let someone ruin the scene just because he/she thinks
it’s ok to steal pubs just because it is their board. Boards such as this do not usually last too long after
they have been noticed by someone who knows how to deal with them.


As in irc, do not flame people. There is no good excuse for flaming. Treat others as you would like to be


Try to be active and contribute to the board however you can. You will only go so long leeching before the
site admins decide you are no longer worthy of being on their site.


Signature rules vary greatly depending on the board. Please check the board(s) you are on.

Reporting Deleters, Pub stealers, etc.

Do not run around posting this or that person is a deleter or pub stealer. If you run across someone who is
bring it to the staff’s attention via pm on the board or in irc and let them deal with it. Do not make such
accusations without proof or nobody will help you.

Private Pms

This is not a requesting tool, do not use it as one. Do not pm staff members with stupid questions we have
better things to do and most boards generally have a forum that is appropriate for your question. Never ever
pm staff asking for private access, yes they know you want in there and you can read the rules or faq on the
site and earn your way in like everyone else. In general do not pm and board member unless you have a relevant
reason to. Saying “hi” or “what games do you have” is not a relevant reason.


Some boards have a minimum post requirement before you are allowed to request. Please check your board(s) for
their rule. Do not post your warez-shopping list in the request forum, it will just be deleted or ignored.
People are on the board to help but it is not the home shopping network.

Spamming and/or Advertising

Again board specific but as a general rule do not do this on any board without permission or unless their rules
state it is allowed.

Proper Use of Forums

Boards have many different forums all of which have titles on them. Those titles are there so you know what
that forum is for. Do not post questions in the pub forum, do not request in the general discussion forum.
You get the point I’m sure. Most boards will either move or delete your post so it won’t be where you are
looking for it later on.

Replying to Pubs

If you download something from a pub please take 5 seconds out of your busy life to reply and thank the
person who made the pub, they did after all spend hours building it so you could download from it. Do not
bitch about the content or speed of a pub. It may be slow for you but how many people are downloading from
it? Maybe the pub is on the other side of the world from you and is slower for you but faster for others
closer to the pub. There is a saying, which I started awhile back, “Free is free at any speed” you have no
right to bitch when you are getting something for free. So the pub may not have content on it you want and/or
need. So what? It was not built just for you and others that don’t have what is on the pub will appreciate it.
There is quite simply no such thing is a bad pub, if only one person was helped then one person was helped
and that is a good thing. If the pub is busy (421 error) then try later.

Active Links

First let me clarify what I mean by active links. I mean a clickable link that will take you to either and
ftp or another website, for example:


Rules regarding active links again vary site to site and you should check your board(s) for their rules. Why
are active links a bad thing? Direct active links to warez can turn into legal trouble for either yourself
and/or the site admins. Active links can be traced back to the source bringing unwanted attention to the board.

Serial Numbers

Do not publicly post these, period. This is the most direct and obvious way of violating copyrights and getting
yourself and/or the board into legal trouble.


General Overview

Boards are a community where people are expected to participate. As stated earlier more and more of the good
boards are going private, one of the reasons why is because they are tired of having people on the board always
leeching and never giving back. Some of us are diligent about staying public, after all someone has to bring in
and teach the next generation of builders, scanners, etc. but we are always finding new ways to restrict access
to those who have no intention of giving back. We all realize some people are limited on time but if you can
find time to download and play a game or use an app then you can surely find time to give something back. Read
some tutorials and ask some questions and then scan or fills some pubs. Take time to answer a question someone
might have in a support forum. Fill a request. Help out and follow the rules is all anyone is asking.


The warez community and boards specifically are only as good as there staff and members make them. Do you belong
to a crappy board? What have you done to fix it? Help each other, be nice, and follow the rules. No one person
or group of persons sat down at one time and wrote these rules. They have developed over time with the best
intentions and the longevity of the warez and fxp board scene in mind. You may have just read all of this and
be saying to yourself “what a load of crap”. It’s not crap. These are the basic set of rules that govern the
fxp board scene and ten of thousands of people agree with and follow these rules. If you as an individual or a
small group of individuals disagree that is your right, but you are wrong and we have ways of dealing with you.
We of course would rather not. We are nice people committed to helping people and would like to help you too,
but we will not allow people to endanger the last viable means of sharing warez with everyone.

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