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| 2002/09/03 : total 2 posts
2002/09/03 척 팔라닉 (6)
2002/09/03 Santa Fe 


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| 척 팔라닉  [나의 서재]

구판 신판
우연찮게 보게되서 이게 왠건가 했다. 척팔라닉 소설이 이중번역 될일은 없고...
알고 보니 신판으로 다시 나온것 같은데... 문고판으로 만들어 놓고 같은값이라...
아무래도 표지를 보아하니 영화 스샷을 쓴것 가지고 폭스 코리아에서 진정해서
그런것 같기도 하다. 뭐 어디까지나 추측이지만...
손가는대로 어쩔수 없이 사긴 샀지만... 뭐 버전별로 모을일 있겠냐만은...
뭐 나름대로 날 중독시킨 작가려니... 하고 만다. :p
음... 그런데 질식은 언제 또 발간된거지?
2002/09/03 13:26 2002/09/03 13:26

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/09/03 13:26
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| Santa Fe  [감상/영화/외...]

aab_landing_rev1_01 (43k image)
They say that no man is an island
And good things come to those who wait
But the things I hear are there
Just to remind me
Every dog will have his day
The spirits they intoxicate me
I watched them infiltrate my soul
They try to say it's too late for me
Tell my guns I'm coming home
I swear I'm gonna live forever
Tell my maker he can wait
I'm riding somewhere south of heaven
Heading back to Santa Fe
It's judgement day in Santa Fe
Once I was promised absolution
There's only one solution for my sins
You gotta face your ghosts and know
With no illusions
That only one of you is going home again
And I blame this world for making
A good man evil
It's this world that can drive a
Good man mad
And it's this world that turns a killer
Into a hero
Well I blame this world for making
A good man bad
Will : 누구에게도 진심을 얘기 하지 않아 그래서 자유롭게 살 수 있지...
2002/09/03 13:09 2002/09/03 13:09

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/09/03 13:09
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