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2002/07/23 When I was seventeen... (1)
2002/07/23 컴상태 모니터링 프로그램 
2002/07/23 Do.It.as.You.Wish.MBC.SDTVRip.Part.3-LN (2)
2002/07/22 miranda 
2002/07/22 송인득 

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| When I was seventeen...  [감상/음악]

When I was seventeen, it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for small town girls and soft summer nights.
We'd hide from the light on the village green when I was seventeen.
When I was twenty-one, it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for city
girls who lived up the stairs
With perfume hair that came undone
when I was twenty-one.
When I was thirty-five, it was a very good year.
It was a very good year for blue-blooded
girls of independent means.
We'd ride in limousines. Their chauffeurs
would drive when I was thirty-five.
But now the days are short, I'm in the
autumn of the year
and now I think of my life as vintage
wine from fine old kegs
From the brim to the dregs. It poured
sweet and clear. It was a very good year.
- Robbie Williams - It was a very good year
2002/07/23 22:09 2002/07/23 22:09

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/07/23 22:09
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| 컴상태 모니터링 프로그램  [소프트웨어 리뷰]

CoolMon (바탕화면)

뭐 어쨌든 램상주(도스시절 버릇) 프로그램을 싫어하는 저로써는 거리가 먼 프로그램입니다만...
2002/07/23 21:58 2002/07/23 21:58

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/07/23 21:58
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| Do.It.as.You.Wish.MBC.SDTVRip.Part.3-LN  [감상/영화/외...]

"그냥 좀 냅둬 아직 답 없어 나한텐"

아버지역 신구 분은 이번에도 아들을 보내야 하는... ㅠ.ㅠ
2002/07/23 01:23 2002/07/23 01:23

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/07/23 01:23
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| miranda  [소프트웨어 리뷰]

한글지원 msn 플러그인 나왔나보군요. 그럼 저도 trillian에서 전향을... ;)
2002/07/22 17:39 2002/07/22 17:39

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/07/22 17:39
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| 송인득  [마우스 포테이토]

"- 이 분에 대해서 언급하기 전에 잠시 존경의 염을 하도록 하자...
이 분으로 말할 것 같으면 자타가 공인하는 분위기 파악의 1인자로, 그 명성을 사해에
떨치고 있다. 독특한 능력들로 남들이 이 자리를 도저히 넘볼 수 없게 수성에 성공한 분이시다."
2002/07/22 17:24 2002/07/22 17:24

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/07/22 17:24
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