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They say that no man is an island
And good things come to those who wait
But the things I hear are there
Just to remind me
Every dog will have his day
The spirits they intoxicate me
I watched them infiltrate my soul
They try to say it's too late for me
Tell my guns I'm coming home
I swear I'm gonna live forever
Tell my maker he can wait
I'm riding somewhere south of heaven
Heading back to Santa Fe
It's judgement day in Santa Fe
Once I was promised absolution
There's only one solution for my sins
You gotta face your ghosts and know
With no illusions
That only one of you is going home again
And I blame this world for making
A good man evil
It's this world that can drive a
Good man mad
And it's this world that turns a killer
Into a hero
Well I blame this world for making
A good man bad
Will : 누구에게도 진심을 얘기 하지 않아 그래서 자유롭게 살 수 있지...
2002/09/03 13:09 2002/09/03 13:09

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/09/03 13:09
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