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"But the worst offender? Brad Pitt. Specifically from the movie Fight Club. Look at these abs: that is beyond washboard. You could grate reggiano parmesan on that stomach. I have thrown out five copies of that DVD, but every Friday night somehow it's back in my player. Congress, if you wanna preserve marriage, you will ban that movie and make Brad put on some weight. I'm not gay, but come on, I'm human." (via The Colbert Report - ThreatDown: The Homo-Sexy Edition)
2006/06/26 23:01 2006/06/26 23:01

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Posted by lunamoth on 2006/06/26 23:01
(2) comments

    wow~ i love it

    dusl 2006/06/27 12:00 r x
      스팸 차단용 영어환자 플러그인이 적용된 예전 태터툴즈 클래식이었다면 쓰지못했을 천금?같은 영문 댓글의 주인공이 되셨습니다~!! 라고 한다면 오버군요;;

      아이콘도 참 잘 만들었더군요. ;)

               lunamoth 2006/06/27 17:20 x



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