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BitlBee: An IRC to other chat networks gateway (via digg)
BitlBee - turn your IRC client into multiprotocol Instant Messenger client

We are both console lovers. But it is annoying to have a few tty's open with chat things in them. IRC, ICQ, MSN, Jabber... For X there is Gaim, which supports many chatprotocols. Why wasn't there such a thing for the console?

The idea to port Gaim was easily thought of, of course. But we liked our IRC clients. And we used it the most, so we used it best. Importing it into the IRC client was a nice idea. But what if someone liked a different client. Then (s)he had to duplicate our work.

That's a shame, we thought. Doing work twice is pointless. So when Wilmer got the ingenious thought in his mind while farming, to create an IRC to other chatnetworks gateway, we were both so excited, that we started working on it almost immediately. And the result is BitlBee.

다소 충격적이기까지 하다. IRC 에서 돌리는 IM 클라이언트라니... Miranda IM 의 역발상 이랄까? 아직? 챈에 계신분이라면 지금 Public BitlBee servers 로 접속해 보시길...

덧. 한글 미지원... :|
2005/12/06 00:35 2005/12/06 00:35

Posted by lunamoth on 2005/12/06 00:35
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    irc 사용도가 높다면 한번 써볼만하겠군요. 근데 왠지 스크립트 같은걸로 돌것 같은 느낌이;;

    근데 좀 불편하지 않을려나요? :)

    memmaker 2005/12/06 15:44 r x
      상당히 가능성이 있어 보이더군요. 서버 접속해서 커맨드로 설정하고 쿼리 창으로 메시지 전송하고 뭐 그런식입니다.

      다소 불편한 면이 있겠지만 아얄씨에 상주?하는 분이라면 이쪽이 오히려 익숙할것 같기도 하고요...

               lunamoth 2005/12/06 15:46 x



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