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"old school" gamer 라... 8-bit era 정도가 처음이자 마지막인듯...
An "old school" gamer is a video game player who believes that older (pre-32-bit era) video games can be just as entertaining as today's video games. Their opposites are called "new school" gamers. "Old school" gamers are partly responsible for the popularity of console emulation. Some collect old video games and prototypes, or are in the business of refurbishing old games, particularly arcade cabinets. Some even make their own arcade cabinets (see MAME arcade). The NES and SNES, Sega's consoles, Atari's 1980s era consoles, and the Neo·Geo­­ are among the most popular systems to collect.

덧. Mafia 도 다시 해봐야 될텐데... , Original Street Fighter 를 보자마자 Sage Labrie님이 떠오르더군요.

2006-06-11 오후 6:43
나를 나타내보자! 유저바 만들기 by HighLighter
2005/11/13 14:47 2005/11/13 14:47

Posted by lunamoth on 2005/11/13 14:47
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