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| PHP FXP 3 FINAL RELEASED  [마우스 포테이토]

PHP FXP 3.0 *final*
PHP FXP 3 Final is the newest version of PHP FXP.
It has many new features and bugfixes and its quiet easy to use.
Webspace with PHP support (PHP 4.x or higher)
As much webspace as the biggest source file has is needed on the PHP-machine and on the destination FTP
Fast PHP webspace is recommended, else it is useless...
PHP maximum processing time should be long enough to transfer files...
PHP FTP Extensions recommended but not required
PHP FXP generates much traffic (depends on the number and size of files!)
Multiple source servers
Recursive directory scanning
Built in FTP Client
Autodetects tranfer mode
Transfers also files from http(s) and local sources
Support for webspace without ftp extensions
PHP timelimit workaround
Port support
Remembers FTP data
"FXP" from one FTP to another without FXP able FTPs
Anonymouse and "normal" FTPs are supported
*FREEWARE* - Please link to my site if you use it - thanks!!!
If you need another feature, request it in the Forum!
via fxp.harrym.nu/phpfxp/index.php
2002/09/29 05:58 2002/09/29 05:58

Posted by lunamoth on 2002/09/29 05:58
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